"...We're better than you."

nodnod i got my private chamber today! trying to make it look like the interior of some quarters on a ship.


"Elementary (school)! my dear Watson."


"This would be no fun otherwise."

KHR! Favorites → Characters [2/5]: Takeshi Yamamoto

"Rely on your instinct, rather than logic."

Leave it to us.
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun + TV Tropes

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More Sherlock scans, info for Great Ace Attorney ⊟

You can click the images to see larger versions of these Famitsu scans. According to Court Records, The Great Ace Attorney (or Dai Gyakuten Saiban) will mostly take place in London, though the first case is set in Japan.

The game follows college student Ryuunosuke on his path to becoming a formal attorney. He meets Holmes after transferring to England to study law. More details at Court Records:

"Court and investigation proceed in mostly the same way, but during investigations Ryuunosuke and Holmes will use “joint reasoning” - a system where, as Ryuunosuke, you must point out any inconsistencies in Holmes’ rapid-fire reasoning. (The example shown is Holmes accusing a witness of being a certain revolutionary.)"

The game sounds afoot, y’all.

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Keeping the ball rolling, Capcom’s sent out more screens from this week’s Famitsu to outlets like 4Gamer, as well as a DGS take on everyone’s favorite cover art style! (No word on if that’s the actual cover art or not, though.)



The official Dai Gyakuten Saiban site has gotten a makeover to match this week’s news!

In addition to bringing some screenshots and art, the site states a new trailer for the game will be revealed a week from today.